April 2017: The Month in Tom and Holly

Life in Philly

We started the month by going to a few movies in the Philadelphia Film Society XPN Music Film Festival, Stop Making Sense and Singles. I had never seen Stop Making Sense before – it was really well done and gave me a much better appreciation of the Talking Heads. Singles is one of my favorite movies, but I’m not sure I had ever seen it on the big screen. I think it holds up wonderfully, and it’s still such a great soundtrack.

It’s finally spring, I guess. It’s a huge bummer that the unnatural warm weather in February followed by the cold weather in March messed up most of the blooming flowers. Some of the white flowers had come out early in February and then all withered up without coming back. The cherry blossoms were super sad looking, and the tulip trees didn’t bloom at all. The redbuds seem to be blooming normally, but a lot of the other trees have gone straight to leaf. Nonetheless I still got some nice flower photos this month, even if it they weren’t as plentiful as in years past.

I switched out my wardrobe for warmer weather, and though we have had some beautiful days where we were able to enjoy the outdoor patio, there have also been gloomy days where I’ve had to get the long sleeved shirts and jackets back out from the closet.

Negronis on the patio

Since Tom had the day off for Good Friday, I took the day off as well and we went to see the Frogs: A Chorus of Colors exhibit at the Academy of Natural Sciences, and took a nice long walk afterwards.

Farmers’ Markets

Given how this spring was so messed up, weather-wise, I was extremely grateful that 1) we didn’t have to miss out on asparagus and 2) we didn’t have to wait until May! We finally got some asparagus the third week of the month and I’m sure we’ll be eating as much of it as we can until it’s gone.

Dining In

Since the official launch of A Good Carrot, the first big round of recipe testing is over, but I did get to test a few more recipes this month:

Other than that, here are some highlights of the recipes we tried this month that turned out really well:

Middle Eastern garlic & herb chicken
Pappardelle with chicken ragu
Roast cod with garlic butter, bulgur pilaf with broccoli

Dining Out

We went out a lot more this month, which was nice. We started the month by trying Tio Flores for brunch, which was a pleasant surprise; the food was great and it was not at all crowded.

huevos rancheros at Tio Flores

We had a fun day off mid-month, where we went to Sp0tburgers for lunch, followed by drinks at a few places not worth mentioning, but ending up at Friday Saturday Sunday.

Friday Saturday Sunday

I had jury duty, which meant a couple fun lunches near the courthouse, including The Rib Stand at Reading Terminal Market, and Rooster Soup Company. I really enjoyed my bacon, latke & tomato sandwich at Rooster Soup Co, and the service was super friendly as well.

rib sandwich combo at The Rib Stand
Bacon/Latke/Tomato sandwich at Rooster Soup Company

We re-booted Date Night toward the end of the month and had a lovely night at Brigantessa, including a fennel citrus salad, Stella pizza, and dessert. The following week for date night we ordered tacos from Quetzally, which was a fun treat. We also had a pie date mid-week at Magpie.


Tom’s brother Dennis came to town one night and we had a wonderful dinner at Friday Saturday Sunday, including carrot confit, maitake toast, brown butter gnocchi, lobster bucatini, roast chicken, and a steak. The chicken is my new favorite restaurant chicken since Meritage closed.

Carrot confit at Friday Saturday Sunday

We found ourselves at Plenty a few times in the evening and wondered why we aren’t there more often. Once was to meet a friend who was passing through on a road trip, and the other was for some after-dinner drinks. They supposedly have an amaro float that we keep meaning to try but haven’t gotten to it yet.

We ended the month by trying brunch at Lou Bird’s, which was quite good. I had a croque madame on challah, and Tom had vanilla pancakes.


I finished the New World Rye sauerkraut from Ferment Your Vegetables that I started last month – it came out very tasty, and we enjoyed it as a condiment with hot dogs.

I made a batch of wine-spiked carrots from Preserving Italy, which came out great – they’re slightly sweet and vinegar-y, but not too much so. They also have some black peppercorns that give them a nice spice.

wine-spiked carrots

My fermented garlic honey was FINALLY supposed to be done at the end of the month, after 3 months. I had gotten some pH strips to test it and it seemed not quite acidic enough yet so I decided to continue to leave it out and test again in a few weeks.

As mentioned above, I fermented some horseradish from the farmers’ market that we ended up serving with brisket. It smelled really bad while fermenting and I thought it had spoiled, but once I took off the airlock and discarded some of the brine above the weight, it turned out everything under the weight was fine. Phew!

Oh, and I finally tried the pumpkin spice kimchi I made a few months ago. I didn’t really care for it, so I tossed the rest. But I also tried the green bean kimchi I made last year and it was still great!


Thanks to the Kindle (and $2.99 sales!), I’m about to meet my reading challenge of 25 books for the year, and we’re not even halfway through the year. I read 10 books this month, including:

  • The White Mountains – one of my childhood favorites
  • The White Queen – not really my style, but I was entertained, and it did inspire me to read up a bit more on the history of the English royalty, which I missed out on by taking Ancient Medieval instead of AP Euro for my world history requirement in high school.
  • Night of Cake & Puppets – at first it looked cheesy, but I was completely charmed and loved it. Ridiculously sweet, and I loved being immersed back in the Prague setting of Daughter of Smoke & Bone.
  • Dune Messiah – huge disappointment as a follow-up to Dune
  • A Taste of Honey – starts off seeming a bit conventional but jumps around in time in a way that is really intriguing, giving the story a twist at the end
  • Outlander – a reminder why I do not like either romance or historical fiction; a teeny bit of druid time travel is not enough to make this sci-fi/fantasy. It kept my interest enough to finish it, but I felt gross afterwards.
  • Anansi Boys – I enjoyed this quite a bit. I had forgotten it was related to American Gods, but between reading this and seeing good things about the American Gods TV series, it makes me interested in trying to read American Gods again.
  • Half a King – I’ve read Joe Abercrombie’s First Law series, which was good but a bit too violent for my taste. This new series, Shattered Sea, is apparently marketed toward young adults; I wouldn’t have been able to tell, but while it’s still gritty, it wasn’t quite so graphic. The main character is smart and a pleasure to get to know. I liked the book a lot, enough to want to keep reading and get the next book in the series.
  • Half the World – this continues Half a King, but while the main character from Half a King is still important, he is no longer a POV character; the POV characters are two new characters, a young man and a young woman, both of whom defy gender stereotypes in different ways. By the end I was really starting to like the way women subtly wield power in this very male-centric tough guy sort of world. I want to continue the series, but the Kindle pricing really gets you with series, where they make the first book really cheap to draw you in, the second book reasonable to keep you going, but the last book is above my self-imposed price limit for now.
  • The Handmaid’s Tale – I started this in February with a print copy, but it filled me with too much despair to finish, though I did skip around enough to know what happened. Tom bought it on Kindle this month, and between him reading it and the TV series coming out, I was motivated to pick up where I left off, this time on Kindle, and finally finished. I’m glad I did. We’ve seen the first few episodes of the TV series so far, and I think it’s amazing.
  • Midnight Taxi Tango – I started this toward the end of the month but am only about 25% through. This is a continuation of Half Resurrection Blues, which I read in March. So far it’s not growing on me yet, but I really like a new bad-ass female character, Reza.
April 2017 books read

Last Month’s Update


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