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October 2016: The Month in Tom and Holly

Life in Philly

This month marked 5 years since we’ve been in our Philly apartment! I guess last month I forgot to mention that it had been 5 years since I moved here and started my new job. I took a picture and compared it to the day we moved in to see how much the skyline has changed. Most notably, there’s Cira 2 (Evo), Cira 3 (FMC), CHOP, One Riverside, 2116 Chestnut, and the new rowhomes across the street.


It’s that time of year again! We took a week off and went out for breakfast & dinner most days and tried to hit museums and other stuff in between, all while Tom also attended the 25th Philadelphia Film Festival (and I spent my “free” time grading papers). We’ll go into more details on our SuperPlus Eats blog, but here are some highlights:

Dining Out

Since just about all our dining out this month was during Staycation, there’s not much to add, other than we tried a new pizza from Rosario’s. I was sick at the beginning of the month and on one of the days I stayed home, I ordered a “choriqueso” pizza, which used hot red salsa instead of red sauce, mozzarella & chihuahua cheese, chorizo, portabella, and onions.

Dining In

Other than Staycation, we did a fair amount of eating in this month, and even during Staycation we built in far more meals in than we have in the past so that we didn’t get too burned out on eating out.

As I mentioned earlier, I was sick at the beginning of the month, and a combination of not having much to work with as well as a desire for spicy food led me to making my first batch of kimchi jjigae. I had made the kimchi a long time ago but had barely made a dent in it. I happened to have some bacon in lieu of pork belly, and the rest of the ingredients were also things I happened to have without going shopping. And then I put an egg on top. It was so satisfying!

We usually do chicken once a week, and this month we tried several new great chicken recipes:

We usually do fish on the weekends and continued this even during staycation. This month we made:

scallops with apple cider balsamic glaze
gochujang cod with jalapeño
tilefish wrapped with prosciutto over sweet potato puree

We’re still sort of easing into Fall. We’ve gotten a few spaghetti squashes and have made them enchilada style (enchilada sauce, black beans, jack & cheddar cheese) and lasagna style (red sauce, garlic, mozzarella, parmesan).

Last but not least I got my first wine club shipment from Tablas Creek!


I didn’t make much this month, but I did make a new batch of groundcherry bitters for Sweet Lou. I didn’t take a picture because I thought I already had one from a previous batch, but turned out I didn’t. Oh well, maybe next time!


I have not been doing a lot of reading since I started teaching again this Fall semester. However I did finish one book this month, A New Dawn, which is a new-ish canon Star Wars novel that introduces the characters in the Star Wars Rebels TV show. The book had higher quality writing than the Star Wars novels I’ve read previously, and once I got into the story I quite enjoyed it. I’m looking forward to reading more of the new books in the canon, including the new Ahsoka book and the book that will lead into Rogue One.

I started reading Kitchen Confidential, which Tom had checked out from his library. It’s OK but right now I’m in the boring middle part (which Tom had warned me about) so I’m not making much progress.

StitchFix +

I got a Stitch Fix at the beginning of the month. I was kind of meh about it even though I kept everything. I was supposed to have gotten a new stylist, but I didn’t. I complained, so I will definitely get one next time. I was pretty impressed with their customer support. I got a blazer that seemed too small but wasn’t sure if it was supposed to fit that way or not. I sent an inquiry and they responded with a photo of someone else wearing the blazer, which was really helpful (it turned out that yes, it was too small, and I was able to exchange it for the correct size, no problem).

Indianan graphic print mixed material tee
Indianan graphic print mixed material tee
Koda split neck blouse
Koda split neck blouse
Benson 3/4 ruched sleeve blazer (with eShakti dress)
Renesme geo cube jersey faux wrap dress
Renesme geo cube jersey faux wrap dress
Rhonda faux leather jacket
Rhonda faux leather jacket

I also got rid of a bunch of old clothes. My new rule: if it moved here with me from Long Beach, it’s too old.

I tried buying some stuff from places other than StitchFix, with mixed luck. I got a new dress from eShakti that I liked a lot at first but have become less enamored with after actually wearing it. Same with a new skirt from ModCloth. I tried some shoes from Zappos but sent nearly all of them back. I did get some new scarves from Etsy that worked out (hard to mess that up), and some sweaters from the new Target on Chestnut. But overall it was more frustrating than not… and this is why I use Stitch Fix.

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