2016 ideas

I’ve never been one for New Year’s resolutions, but I have a few ideas about this year that I might pursue:

  • Make lunches to bring to work. I haven’t packed my own lunch since high school, and even then I was getting worse at it by the year, too busy to either pack the lunch or remember to bring it with me even if I did. A few years ago my doctor gave me a hard time about it, but I was real adamant that lunch is a *break* and it’s just as much about getting out of my office and getting a change of scenery as the food, Plus I have a thing about having hot, prepared food for lunch. Which was fine, when Tom and I were still working together; it was wonderful to meet each other for lunch. But now that he doesn’t work with me anymore, I find myself not taking myself out to lunch for a proper break; rather, I’m grabbing something from the nearest truck, taking it back to my office, scarfing it, and going straight back to my desk. And Tom now works in a food desert, so it’s hard for him to go out for lunch even if he wants to. So, it makes sense for both of us to start packing lunch. Wish us luck!
  • Track meals/recipes in a Google Calendar. I only started meal planning about 6 months ago, but I’ve been doing it week-by-week in an ongoing Evernote note and erasing the previous week and writing over it, rather than keeping a historical record. I got the idea about the Google Calendar from Joy Manning. Tom and I already have several shared Google Calendars so this fits well into our technology workflow. I’m not quite sure what the desired outcome is for this record keeping, but I think there are some interesting possibilities in terms of getting some data on our “dining in” eating habits, especially when we don’t take any pictures.
  • Send real (paper) birthday cards to people in the mail. I used to do this all the time until not-that-many-years-ago; I’d go to a stationery shop at the beginning of the month every month to buy all the cards. I’d say the toughest thing about this now is getting people’s mailing addresses; it’s just not a thing that people tend to share anymore. I’m also less likely to have enough postage stamps around these days. Buying the cards is fun, though it takes time and money, and it’s hard to seek out good quality, unique cards. Though I never felt this way myself, I know a lot of my friends developed an aversion to the mail as an adult (“it’s just bills/bad news”), but I hope by now most people are past that and can appreciate the simple joy of getting something personal in the mail.
  • Drink beer > wine. I know that sounds weird. This has less to do with total alcohol consumption than the ratio of beer to wine. I really love wine, and consider it one of my primary hobbies, though living in PA puts a major dent in said hobby. However, I find that beer is easier to regulate in terms of my consumption. Besides, Philly is a great beer town, so might as well take advantage of it.

The rest of my goals are pretty typical. Keep in better touch with people. Don’t overthink social media. Exercise more. Keep writing. Make more things.


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